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Sokany 8.5L Electric Air Fryer



Publication date31 October 2021 at 08:15


The sokany healthy airfryer helps you reduce up to 80% of your fat intake enabling you to fry food without the need of oil. it features rapid air technology, an adjustable temperature control and a 30 minute timer that helps you pre-set your cooking time. The integrated air filter keeps your kitchen fresh and clean while parts of the air fryer are removable and dishwasher safe. included is a recipe booklet to help you kick start your healthy cooking regime. *healthy cooking is the new life hack! this air fryer with rapid air circulation technology will be your new kitchen assistant with 80% fat free cooking even with deep fried food. fry fish, chicken, meat or potatoes with this quick and easy air fryer in a jiff. enjoy oil-free toasting! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Healthy eating lifestyle. Adjustable timer. Temperature control. Capacity: 8.5L High-power performance for fast cooking results . Easy to clean and creates less smell than normal fryers. Non stick