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TRALIER Brand-New Galvanised. tilt , cage , ladder...



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TRAILER FULLY GALVANISED 2100x1500 very strong made to last it is not a backyard made trailer. WOULD LOOK AT REASONABLE OFFER This trailer has various applications that it can be used for it can be used for camping sleeping overnight rubbish removal as it tilts retrieval of boat on the boat ramp removals as has a high cage on site so universal. It is surplus to my requirements as I have no need for it. It's brand-new as you'll see and ready for inspection inspection. IDEAL FOR HOTEL MOTEL LUGGAGE from the airport and transfers A PLATFORM COULD BE INSTALLED ON THE LADDER RACKS TO CARRY SURFBOARDS/ MORE SUITCASES INCREDIBLE UNIVERSAL APPLICATION. With cage on four sides with fold back rear door. All removable by unbolting. Ladder racks, all removable and adjustable height. Winch and boat buffer all removable. Spare wheel with we'll nuts brace. Fitted canvas enclosure brand-new waterproofe with back zip and Velcro door. Cage enclosure Galvanise 2 x sides and back and front that that swings open access at the rear. Feel free to contact me on my Phone Number 5666850 Wayne can be inspected at Mele Cove private road just down from Beach Bar Mele